What Is a Courier Service?

A courier service is a delivery service that is similar to shipping, but instead of shipping all of your deliveries are completed by a driver the same day. This ensures that your package is delivered on time with no delays and safely to its destination without it being bumped around during the shipping process. Why would I need a courier service? Couriers fill the need for delivery of packages where shipping just doesn’t cut it. Some examples would be when a delivery needs to be completed quickly or the same day. Others an include when a package is too large to be shipped but still needs to be delivered quickly. Some deliveries are also too valuable to leave to a normal shipping provider. A courier and same day delivery service fills those needs because your package is picked up at point A and driven to point B without any stops in between. This means your package arrives on time and safely to its destination.


What Does It Cost For a Courier?

Costs for our courier and delivery services will vary based upon the size and weight of the item, what type of vehicle you require, how quickly you need the item delivered and the distance from your pick-up point and delivery point. Contact us or use our online request form for an accurate quote.


How Quickly Can You Deliver My Package?

Our rush courier and delivery services can vary in terms of delivery time. We offer a rush service where a courier will pick up and deliver your package directly with no stops in between; which is usually delivered in under 60 minutes. Other courier services we offer include a 3-hour delivery, a 5-hour delivery, and a same day delivery which would deliver your package before end of business day. Contact us for more details regarding the types of services we provide.


What Is The Largest Package You Can Deliver?

We can deliver any item that is smaller than 25ft x 8ft x 8ft. This can be achieved by using our 26-foot box trucks with lift gates for all of your courier and delivery needs.


What Type Of Legal Courier and Delivery Services Do You Offer?

Our legal courier and delivery drivers are experienced and knowledgeable about not just legal deliveries but of the basic functions of the judicial system. Due to this we offer same day and rush court filings, document retrieval, and court records staging and transportation. We understand your legal courier and delivery needs because we have and continue to do these for thousands of law firms all across the Bangladesh.


What Hours Are You Open And When Do You Make Deliveries?

We understand that not every delivery is going to fall in between normal business hours so we are conveniently open 24/7 and can make a delivery at any time of day or night.


How Do I Find Tracking Number For Shipment I Previously Created?

Regular clients will be able to log into our system and check them at track section.


What If The Address I Supply Is Not Correct Or The Addressee Has Moved?

When a delivery cannot be completed because the addressee is not at the location supplied the parcel(s) are returned to the Go courier depot where a staff member shall endeavor to find the correct address details. In the event the parcel is redirected to another location the sender will be asked to provide slip for the redirection.